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Signal International Pvt. Ltd.. is a gateway between Nepalese workers in foreign employer. It is duly registered by Government of Nepal vide License No. 758/064/065. Its main purpose is to explore the competent expert human resources and to make available in the international job market as per the requirement of the foreign employers. We have close association with reputed polytechnic Institution from where we promote the skills of our workers like un-skilled to semi-skilled, skilled and meet up the requirements of the client companies exactly as per their demand. It functions as a bridge between Nepal and manpower importing nations around the world.


Why Recruit from Nepal ?

The introduction of Nepalese manpower to the outside world began with enlistment in the British Gurkha Army in 1814 A.D., serving under the British Empire in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore & United Kinfdom, where they were renown for their bravery and loyalty. Later, with the advent of job opportunities in the Middle-East and other countries, Nepalese Manpower was introduced and because of their inherent ability to perform their jobs in an effective manner, they have now successfully gained popularity in differen fields.

Over the past years, demand and interest for recruiting Nepalese workers have increased due to the following resons:

  • Nepalese workers are renown for their hard work, loyalty, high sense of responsibility and discipline.
  • They are experienced in working in the extreme of climatic conditions.
  • They are comparatively cost effective as their hiring cost is lower compared to other labor exporting countries.
  • Nepal is situated very close to the Gulf Continent and easily linked by air with almost all the major cities of the world.